Geta Brătescu

Geta Brătescu (*1926 in Ploiești / Romania, †2018 in Bucharest) is one of the most important artists of post-war Romania. Despite isolation during Nicolae Ceauşescu’s regime (1965–1989), Brătescu began producing highly dynamic artistic works in the 1970s. Brătescu’s multifaceted practice includes drawings, prints, fabric and paper collages, installations, objects, photographs, experimental films, and performances. Blurring the boundaries between art and life, the artist’s avant-garde work addresses issues including memory, history, human identity, normativity, subjectivity, and gender. Ștefan Sava (*1982 in Slobozia / Romania, lives in Bucharest) combines photography, video, performance, and objects in his works. His complex projects are based on a long process of theoretical reflection and research. At the center of his research is the examination of recent history and how the associated themes can be reactivated visually through an analytical approach.

Work Title

Collaboration / Compilation

Gestul, desenul

1080i50, color, sound
Geta Brătescu, Stefan Sava
S034 01