NEW DATE: 18/04/2024, 7 pm
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Dilemma of a New Age. A Conversation Between Emeka Okereke & Alain Missala
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With Emeka Okereke (artist and scholar, Berlin and Lagos) and Alain Missala (founder of Black Dads Germany as well as founder and CEO of ZULA, Berlin)

“The sociopolitical tensions of our time have infused our daily lives with an ominous aura. The atmosphere is fraught with tension. Anxiety is heightened. A sense of powerlessness and hopelessness pervade the air and constrict movement, both of the body and soul. Political positions are at loggerheads. All of this plays out most evidently at the boundaries of our differences. Despite these challenges, people worldwide have found creative ways to express support for life and condemn violence through demonstrations, dialogues, and artistic interventions. These actions arise from individual agency, aiming to reject a world where the boundaries between the self and the other are weaponized, and turned against one another.” (Emeka Okereke)


Berlin, known for its history as a city of intersections and multifarious identities, embodies many contradictions. Its residents navigate paradoxes engendered […]

01.03. / 28.04.2024
Event on site

Performance von Bob Kil

Mit Ewa Dziarnowska und Ashley Temba

For Bob Kil (*1975 in Seoul), performance is a medium through which to examine the cultural codes that shape and connect interpersonal communication. Navigating a world through the ability to appropriate existing images, Kil explores the relationship between originality and copies, a parallel that extends to the interplay between a choreographic score and its execution, as well as between the initial movement and its subsequent repetition.

Kil’s latest work, Tourist (2024), is conceived as a two-part performance for the exhibition’s opening and closing. For the duration of the exhibition, a seemingly inconspicuous sticker serves as a placeholder, promising the artist’s eventual return. The second part of the performance intensifies the principle of repetition by involving multiple performers. The deliberate formation and synchronization of the troupe give rise to visual patterns, manifesting a symbiosis, while the prevalence of recurring movements amplifies the underlying choreographic notations.

Friday, March, 1, 2024, […]

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