Molly Nilsson

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Edited by Marius Babias
DVD, 42:04 min, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein 2018,
9,80 Euro, ISBN 978-3-89424-963-2

n.b.k. Konzert 59

Molly Nilsson

The Only Planet
4:29 min

Mona Lisa’s Smile 3:08 min

Money Never Dreams 3:01 min

Memory Foam 3:43 min

Not Today Satan 4:23 min

Lovers Are Losers 3:28 min

Happyness 4:03 min

Inner Cities 3:58 min

1995 4:36 min

All songs are written and published by Molly Nilsson.

Documentation of the concert by Molly Nilsson on April 29, 2018, at n.b.k.