Occupy, Resist, Produce – Officine Zero


2015, 00:32:29, 1080i50, color, sound, R014 01

Oliver Ressler (b. 1970 in Knittelfeld, living in Vienna) in his films and videos deals with democracy, economy, ecology and forms of protest and resistance against political elites, as well as with the development of alternative models. The video Occupy, Resist, Produce - Officine Zero, which Ressler produced together with the author and filmmaker Dario Azzellini (b. 1967 in Wiesbaden, living in Berlin), shows the former railway workers of Rail Service Italia, who after the discontinuation of production in 2011 occupied the factory in the following February and built up a self-managed recycling workshop named Officine Zero. The name says it all: zero bosses, zero exploitation, zero pollution. A production facility for sustainable working and thinking. As material for work and production mainly old household items, computers and furniture are used, which are processed in the wood, metal and upholstery workshops. Ressler / Azzellini accompany the direct democratic organization meetings of the workers, who in this way were able to create a self-managed work place, an income and a dignified environment for themselves.