Kochstudio mit Dr. Alfred Biolek (Version 4)


2004, 01:32:49, PAL, color, sound, J005 01

In the WDR television show alfredissimo! (1994 –2006), TV entertainer, host, and television producer Alfred Biolek cooked meals while chatting with his celebrity guests on a set modeled after his own kitchen. For the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein conversation series Illuminating Video (2003–2004), Jankowski adapted the popular format of the cooking show and invited Alfred Biolek to cook in the exhibition space. For this purpose, Jankowski’s own kitchen was brought from its home environment to Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. Using a fixed camera for the long shots, a dolly camera for the medium long shots, and a handheld camera for the close-ups, the artist and the entertainer were filmed before the eyes of the audience discussing Jankowski’s video works, which were projected from the oven onto the wall of the exhibition space. To conform with the alfredissimo! format, Jankowski and Biolek cooked a dish with Hungarian sausages. Like Kochstudio, in many other works Jankowski takes the performative character of popular television formats and transfers them to the realm of art. In Telemistica (1999), with which he achieved his international breakthrough, five Italian T V mystics foretell his potential to succeed as an artist. He calls the fortunetellers and films them directly on camera, while he himself—as the caller—is only present with his voice. In The Holy Artwork (2001), Jankowski plays a “believer” who falls to the ground before the preacher and the studio congregation on an US-American-style TV evangelist program. Jankowski’s work frequently oscillates between affirmation as well as critique of the media and institutions, whereas by way of the live character of the action and the inclusion of the audience Kochstudio, Telemistica, and The Holy Artwork also address the aspect of video art’s conditions of production and the relationship between the artist and the audience. Kochstudio was later shown on monitors as part of an installation in a reconstruction of Jankowski’s kitchen.