Ulrich Papenberg

Amelith 2: Intermedia-Konzert

As part of the intense engagement with forms of ephemeral and processual art and the activities of the Fluxus movement, Neuer Berliner Kunstver vein, in collaboration with the DAAD and the Berliner Festspiele, hosted the legendary Aktionen der Avantgarde (ADA 1) in 1973, presenting environments, happenings, and video works by Robert Filliou, Taka Iimura, Wolf Kahlen, Allan Kaprow, Mario Merz, and Wolf Vostell. This was followed in 1974 by Aktionen der Avantgarde (ADA 2), which featured Daniel Buren, Rafael Conogar, Jochen Gerz, Ekkat Kaemmerling, Edward Kienholz, Jannis Kounellis, Wolf Vostell, and Wolf Kahlen’s ADA 2-School, as well as the artist group Amelith, founded by Ritterbusch, which dealt primarily with the medium of film. The main participant from the field of visual art was Klaus Ritterbusch, who cooperated with the electronic musicians Ludwig and Ulrich Papenberg. In the framework of ADA 2, the group realized the experimental film Amelith 2: Intermedia- Konzert in Berlin. In the original, the music to the film, which Ritterbusch called an “intermedia concert,” is played back on four tapes from four points in the presentation space, coupled with electronic live music. Neuer Berliner Kunstverein agreed to pay for the production of the film as well as a video copy with an added soundtrack. Predominant here are the minimalist set and the strongly meditative character of the work, which forms a unity of space, color, music, and action. Alongside working with photography, collage and text, Ritterbusch has worked primarily in the realm of figurative painting, frequently focusing on industrial plants, and in recent years turning to landscapes as well.