Laura Horelli

The TerraceYou Go Where You´re Sent

In her works, artist Laura Horelli links her own observations and experiences with political issues and by doing so creates complex narratives that elude simple categorizations. As a child, Horelli lived with her family for four years in a house in Nairobi, Kenya, before moving back to Helsinki. The video The Terrace is an approach to Horelli’s childhood home. It uses various materials such as photographs of varying size and quality taken by Horelli’s mother, documenting the family’s everyday life, it quotes the artist’s memories and employs video footage taken by the artist when revisiting the Nairobi conurbation in 2010. The video You Go Where You’re Sent shows Horelli’s grandmother, who participated in the Olympics 1936 as a gymnast for the Finnish team. The further course of her life took her as the wife of a diplomat to Rio de Janeiro, New York, Washington and Bucharest, among others.