Ciprian Mureşan

The Pioneer

Ciprian Mureșan’s work ranges from drawings and animated films by way of photography to sculpture and video. Setting out from the changes in the post-Communist countries after 1989, he addresses in his works issues of cultural identity and processes of community building. In the process, he takes up the history of art and literature and thus comes up with unconventional interpretations of the present. In the animated film Pioneer, created especially for the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, a young man sniffs glue from a plastic bag. In an earlier film, Baptised (2009), a screaming child is dipped into the baptismal font by a priest. The films he produces by drawing on single sheets of A4 paper are animated inventories of social changes in New Europe. They are characterized by the simple means employed as a reference to the new economic conditions: using paper and pencil, fields of social problems are sketched schematically. The social critique in Mureșan’s works, which is typical of the Cluj Generation, goes far beyond the geopolitical situation in Southeastern Europe but without denying it either. This generation is working on a translocal redefinition of the role of contemporary art in transforming, traumatized societies.