Wolf Kahlen

Reversible ProzesseThe sound of one hand clapping - John Cage  at one of his last concertsAchtung Aufnahme. Video-Performance mit Ralf Winkler (A. R. Penck)Körper - HorizonteIch kann sehen was ich willS.C.H.A.F.E.HaarewaschenIch kann sagen was ich willTalkingSawingPouringMilk RedenSaegenMilchEingiessen

Wolf Kahlen (*1940 in Aachen, lives in Berlin) is a performance and media artist and a video art pioneer. Kahlen is a founding member of the n.b.k. Video-Forum, which opened in 1971 with the presentation of his work Reversible Prozesse. In his artistic practice, Kahlen deals with moving images and media in an analytical and critical way.