Vika Kirchenbauer


Vika Kirchenbauer explores the reciprocal relationship between viewing and being viewed. Her video works combine queer and economic issues and critically examine political and social power structures. Through performative and documentary strategies, she questions normative identity assignments as well as their exploitation and opposes them with alternative concepts. As in previous works, Kirchenbauer in her 3D video installation YOU ARE BORING! focuses on a culture of seeing, which abandons the fields of action of art – defined as a relationship between performers and spectators – and embeds itself in new contexts. The term “exhibitionistic desire” (according to Andrea Fraser) no longer belongs to the field of art and the alleged frivolity of queer identities, but transforms itself into a basic prerequisite
for every employee of the new economy and for individual lifestyles in principle. The economic present does not allow anyone to be “off stage”.
YOU ARE BORING! shows five performers who, through provocative self-marketing and direct addressing, promise to the viewers exactly what they need.