Ein perfektes Paar oder die Unzucht wechselt ihre HautSyntagmaUnsichtbare Gegner / Invisible Adversaries (mit / with Peter Weibel) HyperbulieSehtext: FingergedichtHauchtext: Liebesgedicht (1970)Homometer IIAsemieInterview 02 - VALIE EXPORTRaumsehen und Raumhören

EXPORT explored provocatively and radically the representation of women and the relationship between the female body and male-voyeuristic gaze. Often engaging in reckless actions, she places her body as a screen and bearer of meaning and points in performances and Expanded Cinema actions. She is somewhat more muted in works like Hauchtext: Liebesgedichte or Sehtext: Fingergedicht, when she generates tension by breathing or performs poetry nonverbally by using solely a language of symbolic gestures.