Ulrike Ottinger

Exil ShanghaiTaigaJohanna D'Arc of MongoliaUnsinimageSuperbia - Der StolzBildnis einer TrinkerinMadame X: Eine absolute HerrscherinWolf Vostell: Auto-Fieber (Environment), Berlin-Fieber (Happening)Die koreanische HochzeitstruheStill MovingZwölf StühleSoutheast PassageEster - Ein PurimspielThe Specimen

Bildnis einer Trinkerin describes two women from different social milieus with a drinking problem, each attempting to approach the other: the one rich and elegant, the other a penniless homeless woman. Ottinger’s work is characterized by visual inventiveness and a marvelous, extravagant, visual language, a refusal of a linear narrative, and taking pause on individual scenes. Alongside experimental films, she also created idiosyncratic documentaries on the Far East.