Nan Hoover

Deserthalf sleepReturning to FujiLight and ObjectDoorsLight Pieces - Reflections Movement Away from Primary ColorsImpressionsLight Dissolves No. 3 & 4One into TwoImpressions No. 2Movements in Light (hand pieces)Movements in LightLight PolesThreadsEnclosuresLight Pieceswalking in any direction...Light Composition

Nan Hoover is considered a pioneer of video and performance art. Coming from painting and drawing, she experimented early with sun reflectors and shadow play and came to prominence especially with the light performances. In the video Impressions No. 2, she seems to draw light with her finger. She generally uses abstract frames and works in her early videos repeatedly with the macro-objective. In half sleep Hoover scans the profile of her face with the camera, created a haptic visuality that also shapes her later drawings in which she uses pencil as a video camera, reversing the process.