Marina Abramović

Terra degla Dea MadreArt must be beautiful, Artist must be beautifulFreeing the VoiceFreeing the MemoryFreeing the BodyRelation in SpaceTalking about SimilarityBreathing in, Breathing outImponderabiliaExpansion in SpaceRelation in MovementRelation in TimeLight / DarkBalance ProofAAA-AAAIncisionKaiserschnittCharged SpaceThreeThat SelfRest-EnergieNature of MindCommunist Body / Fascist BodyThat Self (Amsterdam)Anima MundiPositive ZeroModus VivendiNightsea Crossing ConjunctionThe Observer (mit / with Rémy Zaugg)City of AngelsTerra Degla Dea MadreTerminal GardenChina Ring (unedited video-notebook)City of Angels