Józef Robakowski

From My Window 1978-1999The Market (Rynek)A Test (Test)An Exercise (Ćwiczenie)I am Going (Idę)Light CheeksTestCars Cars…Come to MeLa/LuAbout FingersApple AcousticSearch Search! / Go Get ItDance in a BowerIdle LineMy Foot is Painful

For From My Window, Robakowski, an artist who has been working with video since 1974, filmed his view from his skyscraper window on the “Manhattan of Łódź” in the course of twenty years. The artist comments on the random scenes from off-camera. In this way, the history of Polish life in the late period of real socialism and after its downfall gradually becomes recognizable. Robakowski films the transformation by observing the minimal and only seemingly meaningless register of the everyday.