John Bock

In Schmerzen heimelnKaczynskis UnruhLütte mit Rucola

In his works, John Bock (*1965 in Gribbohm, lives in Berlin) brings together live actions, drawings, sculptures, installations, film sets, and film projections to create a Gesamtkunstwerk. His spatial arrangements, which are characterized by material combinations, can become a place for live actions, which the artist calls “lectures”. His work is built on a darkly tinted humor, which expresses itself not least on a linguistic level by means of neologisms, repetitions, onomatopoeia, and surprising language combinations. His movies and environments draw on expressionist film as well as western, horror or thriller movies. Even though his films and live actions elude clear interpretations, there is an obvious desire behind Bock’s oeuvre to constantly expand the concept of art. His main concern is the dissolution of boundaries in art, whether as to the abolition of genre boundaries and of static work concepts or as to the relationship between recipient and artist.