Ira Schneider

The Neil Williams MemorialHow Bill Viola does it.Schneider heiratet seine SONYaNam June Paik Is Eating Sushi in South Beach (Miami, Florida)Mr. FluxusThe Two Woodstock FestivalsDatenraum DeutschlandBerlin WallWTCThe New York City Parking GameWho killed Heinrich Hertz?The 11th (Downtown Manhattan) Greenwich Village Halloween ParadeTime ZonesA Weekend at the Beach (with Jean-Luc Godard)Manhattan is an Island...the boring yearsVision & TelevisionBuckminster FullerTV as a Creative MediumSchneider to MarryH2OFirst Generation. Art and Image in Movement (1963-1986)Rolling Stones Free Concert

The video pioneer is a founding member of the Raindance Foundation and co-editor of the magazine Radical Software. His documentary-based videos use the uneven handheld camera as an element of “directness.” A Weekend at the Beach, for example, shows a meeting with Jean-Luc Godard, Wim Wenders, Heiner Müller, among others, as a “video-ethnological” reflection of historical events. Schneider recorded the first video art exhibitions and music events such as the Woodstock Festival (1969) on video. When his years of television experience reached fifty in 1999, he married his own television in the self-ironic video Schneider heiratet seine SONYa.