Angela Melitopoulos

Passing DramaTransferIt is politics that always situates itself to revolution Prag. 8 Minutes in 88.Aqua SuaAbove and Below Ground. TrilogieAngela Melitopoulos / Volker Schreiner (Dokumentation der Ausstellung)Angela Melitopoulos / Volker Schreiner (Dokumentation der Ausstellung) IITransfer

In her works, which are critical of representation, Melitopoulos combines documentary image and sound material to create political essays. She interweaves the often poetic images, allowing visual metaphors to flow into the work and generating by way of defamiliarization and digital editing various (temporal) levels and degrees of abstraction. Passing Drama describes the refugee story of her Greek family and equally reflects the subjects of migration as well as the narration and memory of history.