f*******—Towards New Perspectives on Feminism

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Lectures and Discussions

Edited by Marius Babias
5 DVDs, 8 h, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein 2013,
19.80 Euro, ISBN 978-3-89424-988-5


Feminism, Politics and Precarious Economics 100:00 min
Introduction by Marius Babias, Christina Schildmann, Bettina Springer, Barbara Krijanovsky
Discussion with Claudia Gather, Hanna Rosin, Deborah Ruggieri, moderated by Angela McRobbie *

Feminism and Motherhood
88:00 min
Discussion with Lisa Baraitser, Mareen Linnartz, moderated by Bettina Springer *

The Gender Politics of the Art Market 103:00 min
Discussion with Katharina Grosse, Harriet Häußler, Philomene Magers, Marián López Fernández-Cao, moderated by Julia Voss *

Cross-Cultural Feminism 92:00 min
Discussion with Esma Çakır-Ceylan, Kübra Gümüsay, moderated by Ayşe Güleç **

Feminism and New Masculinities 97:00 min
Discussion with Mart Busche, Ann Phoenix, Mark Simpson, Olaf Stuve, moderated by Regina Frey *

* In German and English language
** In German language