Arno Brandlhuber

Arno Brandlhuber (b. 1964 in Wasserlos, living and working in Berlin), under the name Brandlhuber+, works on construction projects that aim at the preservation of heterogeneity, at cost-efficiency and low rents. He extensively explores the city model The Green Archipelago - the city within the city that was inspired in 1977 by Oswald Mathias Unger and overlaid the contrary designs by Le Corbusier and Guy Debord. This city model was also the starting point of his exhibition Archipel at n.b.k. (2012). With CMYK 14/40/80/20, Brandlhuber illustrates how the political color spectrum of Berlin blurs into one standard color. If you mix the signature colors of the SPD, Greens, CDU, FDP and the Left in equal parts, there will be a shade of brown. In the context of the Berlin election campaign 2011, this shade of brown was carried into the public space in the form of monochrome color posters, newspapers and websites. In addition to his participation at the Venice Architecture Biennale (2012, 2008, 2006 2004), the design of the German Pavilion at the São Paulo Biennial (2004) together with Thomas Demand and worldwide presentations of his designs, Brandlhuber received numerous German and international architecture awards, among others Brandenburg Building Culture Award (2015); German Architecture Award (2015); BDA-Award-Berlin 2012; City of Copenhagen Building of the Year Award (2007); Cologne Architecture Prize (2006).

CMYK 14/40/80/20
2011, Poster, 84 × 59.5 cm, edition of 100, signed and numbered
150 euro member, 250 euro non-member