Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 7 pm
Orientation of Concepts: Can Architecture Be apolitical?

Performance lecture by Christian Posthofen
Participants: Claudia Basrawi, Sebastian Orlac, anonymous forum members

As part of the series Akademie c/o, the lecture addresses issues about the production of space in the "Berlin Republic" and, together with the performance collective Superschool, examines new forms of discursive practice: in which relationship can discourse and action exist?
In the test set-up "Gesichtsbuch" the "user-situation" on the internet is transferred to an analogous, performance-like spatial layout and replaces the "audience-lecture-discussion-situation." Instead, the lecture can be interrupted by the listening "users" at any time, in order to have questions answered by an anonymous "forum" or by the audience playing Wikipedia.

"Akademie c/o … Superschool c/o ... Gesichtsbuch" is a collaboration of Akademie c/o (Arno Brandlhuber, Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Silvan Linden, Christian Posthofen) and Superschool (Rebecca Bach, Matthias Einhoff, Mieke Ulfig).