Thursday, January 20, 2011, 7 pm
Townhouses, Mauerstreifen, Baugruppen

In cooperation with Akademie c/o Neuer Berliner Kunstverein

Lecture by Nine Budde, Robert Burghardt and Kito Nedo

When some years ago it still had to be explained what they are about, today, the concept of the
Townhouse exceeds more than a handful of realized properties. It is treated as an urban alternative to the suburban single-family house, as well as the structural basis for the urban repair of the center of (East) Berlin, and as a key element of the citizen city, meaning ownership as a precondition for the participation in the community.

The New Death Strip
Lecture by Oliver Miller, Daniel Schwaag and Ian Warner

Since the reunification, the close to 170 km long border strip of the Berlin Wall has been built on, designed, interpreted, appropriated and transferred in many different ways. Nothing in this “museum of the present” is older than 20 years. It was created on an urban tabula rasa, whose only (obvious) history is supposed to be overcome, cured or forgotten, which consequently becomes detrimental to the ubiquitous need for authenticity and contextuality.

What is spatial production in the Berlin Republic
Followed by the award ceremony of the Academy’s writing contest “What is spatial production in the Berlin Republic”.