Sunday, June 13, 2010, 5 pm
Summer Party

Cooking performance with Hocine Bouhlou and Sebastian Stöhrer (artists, Frankfurt am Main)
Concert with Dirty Mirrors (Frank Lutz, John Miller, Greg Parma Smith, Aura Rosenberg, New York/Berlin)

With the cooking performance by the Frankfurt artists Sebastian Stöhrer and Hocine Bouhlou Neuer Berliner Kunstverein opens the barbecue season, in parallel to the opening weekend of the 6th Berlin Biennale. Designed as a social sculpture, there are 30 mini grills available, on which the visitors can grill specially marinated grillables. Over an open fire, a lamb and a pig will be grilled on a skewer. An urban feast for the senses: looking, smelling, tasting, warming.

With the musical performance by
Dirty Mirrors (Frank Lutz, John Miller, Aura Rosenberg, Greg Parma Smith, New York / Berlin) the archaic picture of grilling is accompanied with country sounds, picking up musical forms by the bands Dead Men on Holidays (Frank Lutz), XXX Macarena (Tony Conrad, Jutta Koether, John Miller, Greg Parma Smith), the virtual band Robot (John Miller, Takuji Kogo) and For a Few Dollars More (John Miller, Aura Rosenberg).

The documentation of the concert by
Dirty Mirrors is available at n.b.k.