Thursday, May 6, 2010, 7 pm
Sculpture today

Discussion with Asta Gröting (artist and professor in sculpture, Berlin/Braunschweig) and Jan Hoet (artistic director, documenta 9, Brussels), moderated by André Rottmann (chief editor Texte zur Kunst, Berlin)

“Sculpture today” is characterized by the simultaneous availability of possible materials and morphologies. Under ever-changing media, institutional and socio-political conditions, since the 1960s, the definition of sculpture as a genre has been shifting. Mentioning sculpture today, one includes photography, film, video and painting as components of sculptural practice just the same as the reflexive practice in relation to the exhibition space and further reaching contexts and discourses. Starting from Asta Gröting’s works, contemporary strategies of “sculpture today” and its exhibition are discussed.