Thursday, January 23, 2014, 6 pm
Das Gesicht der Dinge — a film night

Lecture by Dietmar Rübel (Professor for Art history and theory, Geschichte und Theorie der Künste, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden), followed by a visit to the Brecht-Weigel-Memorial at Brecht House
In German language

Dietmar Rübel studied art history, political science, as well as film and literature in Hamburg and Zurich (1993–1999). He was a member of the research project “Archiv zur Erforschung der Materialikonografie” (Archive for the Research of the Iconography of Materials) at the University of Hamburg’s Art History Department (2000–2004), where he did his doctorate on “new materials and forms of the sculptural in the 20th Century”. Rübel continued working as a lecturer at the Institute of Art Studies at the University of Dresden (2004–2006) and as a fellow at the Art-Historical Institute of the University of Marburg (2006–2009). Since 2009 he has been Professor of the History and Theory of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. The focus of his work is on the coherences between art theory and artistic practice from the 19th up to the 21st Century, the aesthetics of materials and the interdependence of contemporary art, pop culture, film and design. Dietmar Rübel is also the author of numerous articles and books, among others most recently: A Wild World of Doubt, Sternberg Press, Berlin 2013 [with Petra Lange-Berndt & Dorothee Böhm (ed.)]; Plastizität. Eine Kunstgeschichte des Veränderlichen (Plasticity. An Art History of the Mutable), Verlag Silke Schreiber, Munich 2012; Lexikon des künstlerischen Materials. Werkstoffe der modernen Kunst von Abfall bis Zinn (Lexicon of Artistic Materials. Materials of Modern Art, from Garbage to Pewter) C.H. Beck Verlag, Munich, 2010 [with Petra Lange-Berndt (ed.)], Die Tücke des Objekts – Vom Umgang mit Dingen (The Cussedness of Things – About Dealing with Things) Reimer Verlag, Berlin, 2009 [with Katharina Ferus (ed.)].