Thursday, March 2, 2017, 2 pm


On February 28th and March 2nd 2017 the Video-Forum of the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) will show two screenings with works from the video art collection, curated by the students of the Berlin University of the Arts.
The screenings are the results of the seminar
Video – Art – History, held by Kathrin Becker (Head of Video-Forum) and Kristina Paustian (Assistant Video-Forum).

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017, 2–8 pm

Recommencement is dedicated to the loop, the continuity and to new beginnings. Videos are often looped when they are exhibited without being intended to be loops. Having this in mind Recommencement focuses on works that are actually meant to be played as loops and seeks to further explore the medium by showing videos that carry some characteristics of a loop and thereby are working looped as well. Let’s take some time for new beginnings.

Dummy by Peter Friedl represents the classical loop in a screening. The video i? by Shahram Entekhabi deals with a complex of being self observed and being observed by the others through a migrant. In David Krippendor’s There’s No Place Like Home, the infamous scene of a flying house from the Hollywood classic The Wizard of Oz is played in a demeaning and diffuse loop. This effect is exaggerated by the use of the voice of Dorothy as a narrative device, which denies closure to the viewer. The work People by Peter Aerschmann shows an endless loop of people in motion. In addition to the looping movement of the subjects, these principles are also displayed in the horizontal movement of the image. The characteristics of the loop can be observed also in the camera movement of the video work Once upon a time by Corinna Schnitt. The viewer is eagerly awaiting every next turn to see more of a funny and partly tragic spectacle.

Peter Friedl,
Dummy, 1997, 2:37 min., PAL, color, sound
Shahram Entekhabi,
i?, 2004, 4:21 min., PAL, color, sound
David Krippendorff,
There's No Place Like Home, 1999, 3:00 min., NTSC, color, sound
Corinna Schnitt,
Once Upon a Time, 2006, 25:11 min., PAL, color, sound
Peter Aerschmann,
People, 2002, 2:02 min., PAL, color, mute
Heike Baranowsky
, PASSAGE I (Schiff), 1998, 3:00 min. (x 2, loop), PAL, color, mute
Gabriele Stellbaum,
The Principle, 2004, 13:00 min., PAL, color, sound
Paul + Marlene Kos,
Lightning, 1976, 1:19 min., NTSC, bw, sound
Bjørn Melhus,
The Oral Thing, 2001, 8:00 min., PAL, color, sound (n.b.k. co-production)