Thursday, January 17, 2019, 7 pm
Film night Lutz Mommartz

Venue: Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin

Film night Lutz Mommartz:
Eisenbahn (1967, 14 min), Selbstschüsse (1967, 7 min), Der Finger (1967, 4 min), Oben / Unten (1967, 4 min), Weg zum Nachbarn (1968, 11 min), Überfordert (1969, 60 min), 400 m IFF (1969, 21 min), followed by a talk with Lutz Mommartz (filmmaker, Düsseldorf)

Introduction and moderation: Michael Baute (film theorist and author, Berlin)

Lutz Mommartz (born 1934 in Erkelenz, lives in Düsseldorf) is regarded as one of the pioneers of experimental film. In 1967, he shot his first 16mm films, including 
Selbstschüsse (self-shots) (1967, 7 min), which in the same year was awarded a prize at the experimental film festival in Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium. Mommartz’s works are characterized by an intensive exploration of the theory of cinema and by approaches of expanding it. In Selbstschüsse, Mommartz plays the role of director, cameraman and actor at the same time, and repeatedly throws the camera into the air above his head; filming as such becomes the plot. Eisenbahn (railway) (1967, 14 min) invariably shows the same sequence filmed from a moving train and plays with the viewers’ perception of time. In Finger (1967, 4 min), simple close-ups are used to stage sensual touches and consequential associations, while in Oben / Unten (top / bottom) (1967, 4 min) Mommartz demonstrates numerous cinematic means with slow-motion shots, split screen, and camera rotations. All four early pieces, as well as the works Weg zum Nachbarn (path to the neighbor) (1968, 11 min), Überfordert (over-challenged) (1969, 60 min) and 400 m IFF (1969, 21 min), created shortly afterwards, were presented in November 1969 at the project space A 37 90 89 in Antwerp. The history of the alternative art location and the curatorial practice, art production and mediation developed there is the subject of the ongoing exhibition A 37 90 89 – The Invention of the Neo-Avant-garde at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, which is accompanied by screenings and talks with contemporary witnesses in cooperation with the Arsenal cinema.

Admission: Ticket (8 €; members Arsenal and n.b.k.: 5 €)

Part of the film program on the occasion of the exhibition A 37 90 89 – The Invention of the Neo-Avant-Garde