Sunday, July 28, 2013, 8 pm
La Stampa

Location: Studio Valérie Favre

Jörg Heiser (vocals, guitar)
Thomas Hug (keyboard)
Günter Reznicek (vocals)
Jan Verwoert (vocals, bass)
Jons Vukorep (drums)

The band La Stampa (Berlin/Hamburg) is made up of the art critics, curators and artists Jörg Heiser, Thomas Hug, Günter Reznicek, Jan Verwoert and Jons Vukorep. On the occasion of Valérie Favre’s exhibition at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, La Stampa give their only concert in Germany in 2013. In Favre’s studio La Stampa play tracks from their new unreleased album. After their foundation in 2008, La Stampa gave several concerts in Berlin and, in 2009, signed to Berlin-based label Staatsakt. The debut album
Pictures Never Stop was released in 2010, produced by Thies Mynther and recorded by Johann Scheerer in the Hamburg studio Clouds Hill Recordings. In 2011, La Stampa released a limited vinyl 12” single with two tracks, its cover designed by the artist Monica Bonvicini. The music of La Stampa impresses with fast beats and straightforward breaks. They play catchy and danceable art-pop, which deliberately defies any stylistic classification.