Sunday, January 10, 2010, 7 pm

Film premiere and discussion with Claus Carstensen, Peter Bonde and Thomas Andersen (artists and filmmakers, Copenhagen)

The artists Claus Carstensen (born in 1957) and Peter Bonde (born in 1958) as well as the photographer Thomas Andersen (born in 1969) decided to make a road movie on road movies. In so doing, a film emerges about filmmaking and perception when the world becomes a stage. Central to the history of the road movie is the notion of movement as a moment of freedom. Yellow Waste Blue Heaven starts where most films end: on the side of the highway. The trip takes us to Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, 29 Palms, Slab City, and other sites near Los Angeles. 

Claus Carstensen and Peter Bonde are internationally acclaimed artists and teach at Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Art Academy. 

Yellow Waste Blue Heaven 
23 min., Denmark/US 2010

Artists: Claus Carstensen, Peter Bonde

Concept: Thomas Andersen

Producers: Thomas Andersen / Deborah Marlow

Director: Martin Jørgensen

Camera: Thomas Andersen / Lars H. Laursen

Editors: Martin Jørgensen, Jacob Kjær Pedersen, Anders Malmberg

Sound: Kjetil Mørk

Admission free
In English language