Friday, October 22, 2021, 8 pm
Reading Labels in the Dark. Flux- and other Films from the Arsenal archive

With films by George Landow, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Carolee Schneemann, Chieko Shiomi, a. o.
Compiled and introduced by Ulrich Ziemons (film curator, Berlin)
Location: Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art

On the occassion of the Tomas Schmit Retrospective, the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art will devote an evening to the Fluxfilm Anthology, a collection of avantgarde films from the 1960s and 1970s that was put together by George Maciunas. The collection of films by Fluxus artists, many of them very short and experimental, that were shown at events and happenings, form the canon of the Fluxus film work to this day. 32 films from this collection, which was expanded over time, can be found in the Arsenal film archive.

During the evening at Arsenal a selection of films from the
Anthology will be shown, placing a special focus on works that deal with the body, sexuality and femininity, a.o. by Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, George Landow, and Shiomi Chieko. Taking this as a starting point, the program undertakes digressions through the Arsenal film archive, explores those who accompanied the Fluxus project such as Carolee Schneemann, and sets off in search of connections, motifs, and references in the works of the collection.

Duration 94 min

*Admission: Movie ticket (8.50 €; Arsenal and n.b.k. members: 5 €; children: 3 €)
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Location: Arsenal Cinema, Potsdamer Strasse 2, 10785 Berlin

*3G rule applies: participants must be vaccinated, recovered or tested.

The program in detail:
Nam Jun Paik, 
Zen for Film (Fluxfilm No.1), USA 1964
16 mm, no sound, 8 min 
Yoko Ono, 
Eye Blink (Fluxfilm No. 9), USA 1966
16 mm, no sound, 1 min 
Yoko Ono, 
Four (Fluxfilm No. 16), USA 1966
16 mm, no sound, 6 min 
Isabell Spengler & Larry Peacock, 
Syncpoint, G 2007
Digital file, OV, 4 min 
Shiomi Chieko, 
Disappearing Music for Face (Fluxfilm No. 4), USA 1966
16 mm, no sound, 11 min
Effie Wu, 
Super Smile, G 2007
DCP, no sound, 5 min 
Nan Hoover, 
Waiting, USA 1979
16 mm, OV, 10 min
Yoko Ono, 
One (Fluxfilm No. 14), USA 1966
16 mm, no sound, 5 min
Carolee Schneemann, 
Fuses, USA 1965-1968
16 mm, no sound, 22 min
Jeff Perkins & Anthony Cox, 
Shout (Fluxfilm No. 22), USA 1966
16mm, no sound, 2 min
George Landow, 
The Evil Faerie (Fluxfilm No. 25), USA 1966
16mm, no sound, 1 min
Marie Losier, 
Flying Saucey, USA 2006
Digital file, no dialogue, 9 min
Ben Vautier, 
Faire un effort (Fluxfilm No. 40), USA 1969
16 mm, no sound, 2 min
P. White, 
33 Yo-Yo Tricks, USA 1981
16 mm, no dialogue, 8 min