Sunday, November 7, 2010, 8 pm
Film Night

Films selected and commented by Christian Petzold (filmmaker, Berlin)

Christian Petzold presents and talks about the film Deprisa, Deprisa (Spain, 1981, 107 min) by Carlos Saura, who in 1981 won the Golden Bear for Best Film at the Berlinale. In consequence of alleged glorification of violence and drugs this film was then playing only restrictedly in West German theaters. Set up as a social drama the film portrays the living environment of four young people on the outskirts of Madrid. Their daily life is determined by theft and drugs and by the constraints of a society they reject, and which rejects them. The film sketches a highly topical and romantic portrait of the lost struggle against social norms.

Christian Petzold (b. 1960) is an internationally renowned filmmaker. He studied directing with Hartmut Bitomsky at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin and assisted in Bitomsky’s films such as
Cinema And Death (1988) and Cinema And The Wind And Photography (1991). Petzold’s best-known films include Jerichow (2008), Yella (2007), Gespenster / Ghosts (2005) and Wolfsburg (2003). His films have won several awards: for example, German Film Award for Best Film (2000: The State I’m In, 2001: Toter Mann / Something To Remind Me) and Adolf Grimme Prize (2001: Toter Mann / Something To Remind Me).

In German language