Thursday, September 17, 2020, 5 pm
Design and Ideology

Conversation between Alexander Alberro (Virginia Bloedel Wright ‘51 Professor for Art History, Barnard College / Columbia University, New York), Dan Graham (artist and writer, New York), Caitlin MacBride (artist, New York), Cameron Rowland (artist, New York), moderated by John Miller
Online presentation, in English

Design is seen as something that is objective, built, and physically manifested in the world, while ideology is assumed to be subjectively, mentally, and immaterially constituted. This panel discussion on the occasion of the exhibition
Lost in America will focus on the similarities and interconnections of these two fields. Alexander Alberro, Dan Graham, Caitlin MacBride, and Cameron Rowland will join John Miller to discuss the influence ideology has on the production of goods in the United States and how the country’s manufacturing power has led to certain ideologies such as Fordism, American exceptionalism, and isolationism. The discussion will also address how the dialectic between design and ideology is being shaped by the Information Age and a global climate crisis that is becoming ever more acute.