Tuesday, November 3, 2009, 10 am
Berlin Hot Shots, A Sense of History, Picturing Places around the World and I like America and America likes me

Curated and recited by Kathrin Becker (head of n.b.k. Video-Forum)
Location: Soemardja Gallery, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia

Screening with works from the n.b.k. Video-Forum

Berlin Hot Shots
Marc Aschenbrenner, Zweite Sonne, 2005,
Elise Florenty,
Kino Krov, 2005
Ninon Liotet /Olivier Schulbaum,
Dictaphonetic, 1998
Michel de Broin,
Shared Propulsion Car - Hell's Kitchen, 2005
Ina Wudtke,
A Portrait of the Artist as a Worker (RMX.), 2006
Annika Eriksson,
Anagram, 2001
Corinna Schnitt,
Once Upon a Time, 2005

A Sense of History
Wolf Vostell, Sun in your head, 1963
Nam June Paik,
Global Groove, 1975
Peter Campus,
Three Transitions, 1973
Joan Jonas,
Left Side/Right Side, 1972
Richard Serra / Nancy Holt,
Boomerang, 1973-74
Marina Abramovic,
Art must be beautiful; artist must be beautiful, 1975
Ant Farm,
The Cadillac Ranch Show, 1974
Bjørn Melhus,
The Oral Thing, 2001

Picturing Places Around the World
Christian Jankowski ,
Die Jagd, 1992-1997
Francys Alys,
El Gringo, 2003
Calin Dan,
Sample City, 2003
Larissa Sansour,
Happy Days, 2006
Artur Żmijewski,
Dieter, 2007
Shahram Entekhabi,
I?, 2004
Domingo Molina Cortés,
Eight miles high, 2001

I like America and America Likes Me
Joseph Beuys, I like America and America Likes Me, 1974