Thursday, September 17, 2009, 6 pm
Exhibition Tour

With Sophie Goltz (n.b.k. communication and education)

The presentation in the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein is artist and film-maker Hito Steyerl's first solo show at a German institution. Her work has been featured at big exhibitions such as the 3. berlin biennial for contemporary art (2004), Manifesta 5 (2004), documenta 12 (2007), or the Shanghai Biennial (2008). Trained as a filmmaker, she holds a PhD in philosophy and works on the borderline between cinema and visual art, combing elements of experimental film, auteur cinema, documentary, and video art to undertake cutting post-colonial and feminist critiques of representation.

Using a sharply honed (visual) language to effect her discourse analysis slightly rephrased, Steyerl penetrates the masscultural aesthetic to reflect upon social change. She uses what could be called a “theoretical practice,” a “discursive action” that leaves behind the separation of theory and practice to attain a complex analytical view of the world that encompasses visuality and language in equal measure. In this approach, theoretical thought does not freeze up in reflection; instead, film-making renders it productive as a creative act of mediation between the theoretical and practical realms.