Thursday, December 13, 2012, 6 pm
Exhibtion Tour

With Sophie Goltz (n.b.k. communication and education)

Neuer Berliner Kunstverein shows new work by Anja Kirschner (b. 1977) and David Panos (b. 1971). In recent years, Kirschner and Panos have established themselves internationally, taking a significant position in artist video and were awarded the 2011 Jarman Award. Most recently their work has been exhibited in locations including: Artist Space, New York (2012), Liverpool Biennial (2012), Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (2011) and Kunsthall Oslo (2011).

Their video
Ultimate Substance (2012, 34 min), presented for the first time in Germany, will be staged in a setting of sculptural elements. The film departs from the hypothesis that the advent of coinage, which first emerged in ancient Greece, led to the fundamental division between sensual and abstract forms of experience. The metaphysical outlook of Greek philosophy and mathematics can be seen as corresponding to the abstract experience of monetary exchange.