Thursday, June 29, 2017, 8 pm
#SpaceOfDebate – On Ecology and Water Politics

Discussion with Anders Ami Ettinger (Lecturer on Food Politics, The Heschel Center for Sustainability, Tel Aviv, Berlin), Antje Majewski (artist, Berlin, Kiel), Clemens Messerschmid (hydrologist, Ramallah), Susanne M. Winterling (artist, Berlin, Offenbach)

In the past years, water as controversial questions has gained more importance and recognition in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. In the longterm though, water security is not in sight in the whole region. This is aggravated by climate change and, as a consequence thereof, destabilized ecological balances: the region has been characterized by extreme dryness and almost no rain in the past years.

Free admission.
In English language.