Sunday, July 9, 2017, 8.30 pm

Screening, selected by Yael Bartana (artist, Berlin, Amsterdam) and commented by Sophie Goltz (co-curatorin Conditions of Political Choreography, Berlin, Singapore)

Stalags – Holocaust and Pornography in Israel
Direction: Ari Libsker, IL 2007, 62 min

Shtikat Haarchion
Director: Yael Hersonski, IL 2010, 88 min

Both films,
Stalags – Holocaust and Pornography in Israel and Shtikat Haarchion, question visual representations post-Holocaust. In 1960, parallel to the Eichmann trial, pornography books, so-called Stalags, became a bestseller, they show female Nazi officers sexually abusing camp prisoners. Later they were prohibited as anti-Semitic pornography. In Shtikat Haarchion (secret matter ghetto film), the images of an unfinished propaganda film are juxtaposed with statements by witnesses and excerpts from protocols. The footage has been shot shortly before the deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942. As historians took the scenes of such propaganda footage for real, the film shows in addition to the dead bodies the brutality of the staging.

Free admission.
In English language.