One plus One
Artists' Books

March 8 – April 29, 2011

Peggy Buth, Christian Chruxin, Jean-Luc Godard, László Lakner, Achim Lengerer, p-r-o-x-y, Dierk Schmidt, Helene Sommer

Exhibition View Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (front: Christian Chruxin,
henryk berlewi dokumentation b-1 (1963), “portable gallery”; back: Chruxin Archive), 2011, Photo: n.b.k./Jens Ziehe

One Plus One is an exhibition about the space of the book and forms of publication. Based on the work of Berlin designer and gallerist Christian Chruxin (1937–2006), current publications by the artists Peggy Buth (Desire in Representation, 2010), Achim Lengerer (Scriptings, since 2009), Dierk Schmidt (The Division of the Earth, 2010), and Helene Sommer (I am (t)here, 2009) are placed in a historical constellation. Chruxin was influenced by "visual poetry" and is considered the inventor of the format of the "portable gallery" as well as the "interactive and permulative poster." In bringing his design practice – based along the lines of the Kasseler Werkschule – up to date, new possibilities of interpreting artist books are explored. The title of the exhibition comes from the film Sympathy for the Devil (or One Plus One, 1968) by Jean-Luc Godard. Books can be fictional as well as discursively designed "media spaces" that can be organized as social practice (p-r-o-x-y). Select works by artist László Lakner point to the books’ social context.

Curators: Sophie Goltz, Jan Wenzel


Friday, March 25, 2011

One Plus One: Film Book Design (Part 1)
7 pm
Book as Space: Christian Chruxin and the Kasseler Werkschule
Talk with Anita Kühnel (curator Kunstbibliothek, Berlin) and Holger Jost (designer, Karlsruhe)
In German language

8:30 pm
Book as Discourse: On Postrepresentative History in the Artist Book
Peggy Buth (artist, Berlin) and Dierk Schmidt (artist, Berlin) in conversation with Sophie Goltz (curator n.b.k.) and Jan Wenzel (curator, publisher Spector Books, Leipzig)
In German language

Friday, April 1, 2011
One Plus One: Film Book Design (Part 2)
7 pm

Book in the Film, Film in the Book: Cahiers du Cinéma, Jean-Luc Godard, and the Cinema
Lecture by Emilie Bickerton (author A Short History of Cahiers du Cinéma (2010), co-editor New Left Review, Paris)

8:30 pm
Scriptings#18: Bande-son
Performance with Achim Lengerer (artist, Berlin) and Sally Musleh Jaber (performer, Berlin), Hans Cybinski (sound archive Deutschlandradio, Berlin)

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