The Resting State


2019, 00:42:49, NTSC, black/white, sound

Dreyblatt began his research into the cognitive phenomenon of the “resting state” during a residency at the Center for Arts, Science and Technology at MIT (Boston) in 2014–15. Cognitive scientists have been exploring those forms of information processing that occur when the brain is not involved in the accomplishment of specific tasks and when there is little or no outside stimuli. Subjects are exposed to a low-stimulus environment in which light and sound signals are employed, interrupting introspection at random intervals with verbal and visual cues. The Resting State focuses on the methods with which researchers attempt to document and test this essential aspect of consciousness while at the same time turning the recipient into a test subject. Archival film excerpts depicting neurological and psychological testing, reports by test subjects and queries by researchers question the central role that visualization and language play in our understanding of internal mental states.