2017, 00:03:27, 1080p25, color, sound

Profile consists of three single-channel videos, which are shown independently of one another.

Variation A, 2:20 min
Variation B, 3:27 min
Variation C, 3:21 min

In 2017, Candice Breitz represented her country of birth—South Africa—at the 57th Venice Biennale; a country in which the question of who may (or may not) legitimately occupy the space of representation, is particularly fraught.
Profile originated out of this particular context. In the work Breitz absents herself from visibility before the camera, instead platforming ten prominent South African artists who might equally have been nominated to represent the country. “My name is Candice Breitz,” the cast of voices insists intermittently, punctuating descriptions of who those before the camera actually are (or might be): man or woman, white or black, working or middle class. Veering erratically between descriptors of race, class and gender, occupation and national belonging, the verbal palate of attributes and markers delivered by the artists varies wildly in credibility. Blurring the genre of self-portraiture with the formal language of electoral politicking and self-promotional branding, Profile re-distributes the heightened attention typically garnered by an artist due to a Venice appearance, to a range of fellow artists who – much like Breitz – appear intent on consciously disrupting any fixed notion of subjectivity.