2013, 00:15:35, 1080p24, black/white, sound, C009 01

In the video Musings a male voice recounts in Spanish, subtitled in English and over elegiac black and white images, a series of occurrences that deal with premonitions, fateful coincidences, dreams and other “messages” that serve as a source for creative work. However, the collected narrative fragments do not belong to a personal biography, a specific era or a story, as one might initially expect, but refer to stories by or about Susan Sontag, Ingmar Bergman, Maurice Blanchot, Italo Calvino, Julio Cortázar and Agnes Varda. A common feature of the selected stories is, that creative work (be it art, literature or film) is very closely linked to the themes of death and evanescence. Musings is an attempt to link and reflect different ideas of inspiration, influence and legacy in an equal way. Thus Cesarco sets out to trace the constitution of cultural history and a cultural canon and in this regard considers the diverse opposing narratives and their interpretation as fundamental, since they permanently activate the dialogue with the past.