Land Of The Sun


2015, 00:12:30, 1080p24, color, sound

In his works, Niklas Goldbach explores dystopian situations and habitats with the aid of complex narrative structures. He uses irritating elements, such as the cloning of a protagonist by editing single frames or employing almost unvarying camera settings, which brings photographic qualities to the video image. Land of the Sun was shot in 2014 in California City in the Mojave Desert. In a space of 320 km2, the city was planned, beginning in 1958, as a new architectural vision and on a similar scale as Los Angeles. However, only 14,0000 residents have settled here since. California City is now one of the world’s largest failed urban planning projects. Including interview fragments in which residents of California City have their say, Land of the Sun focuses on the architectural remnants of the original vision in the form of fragmentary views of the city, streets and spaces covered in sand that are also captured by using drone imagery.