2020, 00:18:08, color, sound

Filmed in the empty rooms and depots of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art in Berlin-Dahlem, as well as in the new, partly incomplete, spaces of the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace, the work Ghostdance uniquely captures a moment of transition for the art collection holdings of these institutions. The performance of two dancers (Yuko Kaseki and Edivaldo Ernesto) in the rooms explores the relationship between the ethnographic display of the Asian and African collections and the metaphorical question of the vitality and subjectivity of these objects, which often represent aspects of daily life and social bonds. Ghostdance opens up a perspective beyond the logistics of restoration, taxonomies of storage and display, and objectifying descriptions on museum labels. The video temporarily releases the hegemonic museum from its linear narrative into realms of the polyphonic and unexpected.