Factum Misericordia


2009, 00:51:04, Full-HD, color, sound

The series Factum (2009–2010) uses long interviews to examine the relationship between identical twins and triplets and processes of identity formation in which minute differences can play a major role – as in Factum Misericordia (2009), a portrait of two women over 70 years of age. As in all Factum portraits, both subjects are dressed the same and sit alone during the shot, but each in the same room of their own choice. The visual confusion that stems from the nearly identical faces is thus continued in the setting, which cannot be ascribed to either of the siblings and so seems to both reflect and question the veracity of the life stories that are recounted. The title Factum alludes to Robert Rauschenberg’s pictures Factum I and Factum II (both 1957). Like Breitz’s twins, Rauschenberg’s works are ostensibly identical, but differ significantly in their details.