Das Schleyer-Band I/II


1977 – 1978, 01:51:47, PAL, color, sound, •034 01

Vom Bruch, together with Ulrike Rosenbach and Marcel Odenbach, founded the video studio Alternativ Television in 1975 and in 1981 founded the group Video-Rebellen to protest the fact that video art was left out of the exhibition Westkunst in Cologne. In his critical engagement with the use of media images as propaganda, and the military application of video technology, he combined footage from old documentaries, television news broadcasts, and advertising with material he shot himself. For Das Schleyerband, he edited together television material on RAF’s abduction of Hans Martin Schleyer in chronological order. An appearance of Udo Lindenberg and at the end a sundown with Doris Day’s hit Time to Say Goodnight in the background forms the only comment on the material.

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