Oleg Kulik

New SermonAlter Aegis (mit / with Alexey Tabashov)I Am a Beast For YouMissionaryI Can't Keep Silence Any More! (Stop English Cows' Genocide)Zoocentrism ExperimentKulik is a Bird in FactTwo KuliksArmadillo for Your ShowMad Dog or Last Taboo (mit / with Alexander Brener)Reservoir DogDog House (Interpol)Pavlov's Dog (mit / with Mila Bredikhina)I Love Europe, She Does Not Love Me BackI Bite America & America Bites Me (mit / with Mila Bredikhina)Caterpillar. The tanks will not pass through! (mit Sudierenden / with students)Mad Dog or Last Taboo (mit / with Alexander Brener)Red Corner (excerpt)

Kulik often slips into the role of an animal. He provocatively violates the borders separating himself from the audience and even physically attacks spectators while he himself is naked playing a dog, as in Reservoir Dog. While on the one hand playing with cliché of the wild Russian and commenting on the gaze of the West on Russia, at the same time he also criticizes—especially when carrying out his actions at the openings of important exhibitions—the strategies of an elitist and rival art world.