Nam June Paik

Guadalcanal RequiemKlavierduett in Memoriam George Maciunas (Teil 1)Klavierduett in Memoriam George Maciunas (Teil 2)A Tribute to John CageGlobal GrooveBeatles ElectroniquesElectronic Moon No. 2Waiting for CommercialsElectronic YogaElectronic FablesVideo Tape Study No. 3Early StudyStudy I: Mayor LindsayStudy II: Dieter RothStudy III: George W. BallHommage to Stanley BrownZen for FilmAllan 'n' Allen's ComplaintGrand CentralSkatesTibetan Museum"Topless Cellist" Charlotte MoormanMerce by Merce by PaikGood Morning, Mr. Orwell

The pioneer of video art and an important figure in Fluxus, Paik explores in music, performances, videos, and installations the intersections between art, technology, and popular culture. In 1970, together with Shuya Abe, he develops a video synthesizer to make abstract images, and explores live television via satellite. In Global Groove, he samples in highly rhythmified montage of TV footage of commercials, news, and popular music shows with quotations from artist colleagues and from his own works. The video, also broadcast on television, he uses for the installation TV Garden (1977), that pioneers for his later, large format multi-monitor works.