John Bock

Lütte mit Rucola

In his video works, John Bock combines performative, theatrical and sculptural methods to create complex pictorial worlds. This results in spectacular and sometimes frightening works such as Lütte mit Rucola, Bock’s first film, in which he approaches the genre of horror film. Placed in an ambience of petit bourgeois tidiness, elements of the performative are in the foreground also here, which Bock combines with set pieces of his formal language as a sculptor. The main characters of the work are a father (played by John Bock) and his daughter, who invade an apartment in an old building and overwhelm its owner. Thereafter begins the torture of the man, slowly increasing in brutality. Apart from everyday objects, there are in particular self-made machines and torture apparatuses in use, which are reminiscent of Dadaist sculptures due to their accumulative character. In the final sequence at the latest, a parallel between the girl’s drawings and the actions of the perpetrator becomes evident and it seems as if she is instructing the acts of torture.