Gary Hill

Incidence of CatastropheHappenstance (part one of many parts)Primarily SpeakingVideogramsAround and AboutProcessual VideoPicture StorySoundingsRing ModulationElementsURA ARU (the backside exists)Black Performance - Gary Hill & Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson in ParisI Believe It Is an ImageBlind SpotSoundings

Hill has experimented in his videos since the 1970s with language, which he explores as a system of meaning and signs and in the intertextuality of image and sound. In Around and About Hill confronts object details with shots of interiors whereby his speaking gives a rhythm to the images by synchronizing their appearance and disappearance with spoken syllables. In the course of the video, an automation takes place that brings the relationship between image and language out of balance, making it almost physically palpable.