Tjorg Douglas Beer

Tjorg Douglas Beer (*1973 in Lübeck, living and working in Berlin) studied art under Werner Büttner at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. His principal interest revolves around topics of everyday environments, and in particular around the fast pace of capitalism, social power structures and the media world. In a playful way, Beer adopts these topics, shifts them into new contexts and in doing so deliberately causes disarray. The technique of collage is central to his method and connects his diverse work areas such as painting, installation, video, sculpture, photography and performance. Beer alienates ways of presentation by confusing those perspectives that seem to ensure an overview. His works were shown, among others, at Canal05, Brussels (2015); 21er Haus, Vienna (2014); Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumünster (2013); Kunsthalle Hamburg (2012); Institute of Modern Art Nuremberg (2011); Kunstraum Innsbruck (2010).

Ohne Titel
2010, Collage, various materials, artists framing, 38 × 29.5 cm, 5 unique pieces with different motifs, signed
1.100 euro member, 1.300 euro non-member